This site is mainly for men thinking about divorce, involved in a divorce or have had a divorce. We all know that men do not get a fair shake in anything involved with the divorce process. We get chewed up and spit out every step of the way, even many years after the divorce. My divorce was fifteen years ago and I’m still battling for survival. My ex made it her life’s goal to inflict as much damage as possible on me. Especially when it comes to finances.

My goal and the goal of this site is to have a place for men to go to chill out, learn some stuff, share their experiences and help each other through the process of divorce, parenting, child support, etc. and maybe have some fun in the process. I expect the site to be as community-driven as possible. I may have a lot to say on the subject of divorce however I certainly don’t want to be the end-all say-all. I expect the site to be built by its users for its users. You all will be the content providers for the most part so feel free to tell your story.

As I mentioned before, this site is a work in progress. I have some basic ideas of what the final product will be, just not sure about the specifics. I like to push the envelope when it comes to technically challenging websites. I come from a technical engineering career and it spills over into my websites as well. Just take a look at one of my other websites like I created every nook and cranny of that website and I still add to it regularly. Some things I wanted aren’t even available or are so expensive that it’s just not feasible. I expect more of the same here on this site. If there is anything any of you would like to see here please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to implement it, within reason. Enjoy the site.